1st Grade
Teacher From the Black Lagoon
Description: This is a language unit
with lots of vocabulary sheets, artic
lists, pictures of the characters to re-
act or re-tell the story.

Submitted by Ellen Weber,
Posted 5/8/07
Book of the Month Questions
Description: 20 cards with reading
comprehension questions about  
basic story elements that can be
used for any  story. Print on card

Submitted by Ellen Weber,
May 14, 2007
WH Question Words - Cheer
PowerPoint cheer/chant to learn
appropriate types of responses
for   each WH question word.

Submitted by: Valerie Vanis,
March 29, 2007
If you need to access the curriculum standards, please go to
the Helpful Links page by clicking here.
This is a set of 21 cards with visuals
for common math terms used at the
Kdg level. Cards can be resized in
MS Word.

Contributed by Jane Howser, Title I
Curriculum Specialist;
Posted 9/21/07
Math Vocabulary Cards
Step-By-Step Pumpkin
Step-by-step art project, followed up
with a procedural writing activity.
The   kids loved it! Takes about an
hour for  the two activities together.
This is
meant as practice doing procedural
writing, not as an introduction.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/22/07
This is assorted activities for
vocabulary, comprehension, and
using context clues
from the book of
the same name
by Eve  Bunting.
Best for 1-3 grades.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/1/07
A Turkey For Thanksgiving
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Theme unit for the classic Aesop
fable. Lesson plan for 1 hour
inclusion session. PowerPoint has
language arts activities for the
lesson. Make sure you use the
correct version of the story- most
school libraries have it.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 1/24/08
This Is My World
Brief PPT showing different
environments on the planet and
naming them. Appropriate for Spec.
Ed. Meant to be a self- study module.
Curric.Std.= S1L1d

Submitted by Johnna Kunath, NSULA
Posted 8/9/07
Race for a Flat Game
This is a game about the basic 10
value system, place value.

Contributed by the 1st grade
team      at Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/8/08
Phonics Jeopardy Game
This is a PowerPoint version of the
game show for phonics skills.

Contributed by the 1st grade team
at  Fair Oaks Elem School
Posted 4/8/08
Beginning Writing Skills
This is a very brief PowerPoint
about three basic narrative writing
skills. You could print them out and  
use them for classroom signs.

Contributed by 2nd grade team at
Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/11/08
Addition Domino Game
Directions for using Domino tiles for
adding sums up to 12. Worksheet
included. Also includes a link to a
site  to download domino cards to

Downloaded from www.first-school.ws
Posted 4/11/08
Fact or Fiction
This page has various activities and
websites for Fact V. Fiction.
Curric. Std. = ELA 1R6e