3rd Grade
Description: Cooperative learning
activity, including researching on the
internet, building a trap by using
"recycled" items, oral presentation of
group project to class. Useful
websites  are included.

Submitted by: Ellen Weber, 5/6/07
Powerpoint about pollution  and
recycling. Has handout for quiz
halfway through PPT, and chart for
students to complete identifying
ways to  dispose of various items at
the end.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 5/6/07
Revised 4/29/08 - audio added
Note: Some of these files take a minute or two to download. Please be patient.
Description: 20 cards with reading
comprehension questions about
story elements that can be used
for any
story. Print on card stock.

Submitted by Ellen Weber, 5/14/07
Description: Multimedia
presentation, photos from the
Cherokee village in North  
Carolina, with narration and
activities.  View with Windows
Media Player.

Submitted by Ellen Weber,
Posted 6/23/07
Multimedia learning module to
introduce homophones

Submitted by Andrea Brew, NSULA
Posted 8/10/07
This is a set of 19 cards with
visuals for common math terms
used at the 3rd gr.  level. Cards
can be resized in MS Word.

Contributed by Jane Howser,
Title I Curriculum Specialist;
Posted 9/21/07
This is assorted activities for
vocabulary, comprehension, and
using context clues
from the book of
the same name
by Eve  Bunting.
Best for 1-3 grades.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/1/07
This is a link to a lesson plan
from UC-Davis to go with the
book/movie of the same name.
It consists of four
45-minute  sessions
for grade 3, uses
Venn diagrams to
compare cultures and
Math Jeopardy Games
These are Jeopardy games to
review 3rd grade Math. Fun
way   to review for CRCT!
CLICK HERE for a review of the
2nd marking period.
CLICK HERE for a general
review of all year.

Contributed by 2nd Grade
Team  of Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/8/08
TinyTap app for
sight  words.
Series of four.