Explorers' Study Guide
Study guide with visual symbols
to assist in identifying important
information to know about each
explorer. Includes practice page
about Christopher Columbus.

Submitted by: Ellen Weber,  
Posted 5/6/07
4th Grade
Note: Some of these files take a minute or two to
download. Please be patient.
PowerPoint about   weather.
Good for vocabulary and
concept building.

Submitted by Tracie Knauf,
Posted 3/29/07
Solar System Jeopardy
Vocabulary for Earth, Moon
and Solar System.

Sumitted by Stephanie
Carmichael, 5/24/07
If you need to access the curriculum standards, please
go to the Helpful Links page by clicking here.
Multimedia learning module
to introduce homophones.

Submitted by Andrea Brew,  
NSULA,  Posted 8/10/07
Animal Adaptations
This is a Photostory
production that  you can
view with Windows Media
Player. Cobb Std. = S4L2a
Protective Adaptations.

Submitted by Andrea Brew,
NSULA, Posted 8/10/07
Solar System Photostory
Viewable with Windows Media
Player, this is a brief
presentation describing each
planet and a system for   
remembering the order. Cobb
Std. =  S4E2d: demonstrate
relative size and order from the
sun of the planets.

Submitted by Sherry Hicks,
NSULA, Posted 8/13/07
Math Vocabulary Cards
This is a set of 33 cards with
visuals for common math
terms used at the Kdg level.
Cards can be resized in MS

Contributed by Jane Howser,
Title I Curriculum Specialist;
Posted 9/21/07
Lines and Angles Review
This is a PowerPoint that  
reviews lines and angles. 20
questions with 4 multiple
choice answers. Good
practice  for CRCT.

Contributed by Fair Oaks
Elem  4th grade team.
Posted 3/31/08
Introducing Shapes
This PowerPoint has cute
graphics and simple
language.   Good for an
introduction to
shapes, or a general review.

Contributed by Fair Oaks
Elem  4th grade team.
Posted 3/31/08
Hollywood Squares Review
This is a PowerPoint game
reviewing general math info.

Contributed by Fair Oaks
Elem  4th grade team.
Posted 3/31/08
Simple Machines
This is a PowerPoint Jeopardy
game reviewing simple
machines. Lots of fun!

Contributed by Fair Oaks
Elem.   4th grade team.
Posted 3/31/08