AAC Apps for Students
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Communication app
used by CCSD  on
iPod Touch devices.
Site has manual,
articles, and tutorials/
training videos.
33 Free beginner ASL
baby signs. Larger
program  is available  
for $4.99  and sign
flashcards  for $.99
Several difficulty
levels to practice
ASL alphabet. Free.
70 idioms done in
sign language (2
volume set). $2.99
Speech generated
by typing in snds
rather  than letters
of word.  $.99
Simple yes or no
answers, or program
your own.  5 voices
available. $.99
Picture exchange
app for nonverbal
students. Good to
transition from
PECS to electronic
devices  $37.99
Turn i-device into AAC
device; 2000+ talking
pics, Can customize via
your  PC.  FREE
Supports BoardMaker
images, create boards
on your device, share,
print, save. Record
voice/sound and tap to
play back. $16.99
Use BoardMaker
images. Similar to
TalkBoard but cannot
record sound. $7.99
Customizable AAC
program.  Unlimited
pages. $79.00
Lots of features
you get on
expensive apps
but it's FREE!
Free AAC with key-
board, intuitive
phrasing. Whole  app
is customizable. $99
Intuitive, easy to
navigate. Good
entry level AAC
device. Has  
keyboard. FREE
Over 100 words &
phrases needed in
public. Videos,
games, quiz. 2.99
Library shelf app to
store signed kids
stories you buy
in-app. Free
Stories .99-5.99
translation w/ over
words. 2.99
TinyTap app to
demo using it to
create a FREE
AACdevice w/ iPad.
Learn how to turn
any mobile device
into an AAC device
with the free app
TinyTap.  FREE
Beat the clock in
this fun TinyTap
game to learn the
letters of the ASL
alphabet. Free
Lets non/minimally
verbal people place
their orders at fast
food restaurants. Free