Free Academic Activities
Science website with free
software that can be run from
the     website or downloaded -  
includes     mini-lessons and quizzes
geography/earth  science, and
the     solar  system. Some activities
identify important vocabulary.
Science lessons, online
games, quizzes. Many
subjects, all grade levels.
Academic Reviews
Sponsored by Scholastic, these
are parent handouts meant to
refresh their memory on various
academic subjects in order to
help their children be
successful   at school. All grade
levels and
subjects are available.
Just enter your email address for
access to 30 free books and
Lots of free stuff for reading
skills on this site. Many schools
have a site subscription to
access more.

With membership, click on
"guided reading", then click on
"leveled reader skill chart". It
will  categorize all books and give
the   level of reading for: reading
strategies, comprehension,
phonemic awareness, phonics,
grammar and mechanics, and
work attack skills.

Submitted by Marilyn McCown
Posted 2/15/08
This link takes you to a site with
lots of Soc St lessons, games, etc.
This links you to a site for kids to
learn about making different
kinds of graphs.
This site is loaded with
questions  from different
academic areas
and grade levels. You can
compare your results with the
national average. Good to get
an   idea of what kind of test
questions your students are
having trouble with.
This site deals with probabilities
(Algebra III) - automatically rolls a
pair of dice whatever number of
times you enter, and graphs the
results, showing the various
combinations' results.
Reviews functions, factoring,
graphing as an introduction to
Quadratic Formula. Meant to be
a  self-study module.

Submitted by Morgan White,
NSULA.   Posted 8/9/07
Judy Montgomery's presentation  
at Best Practices 2008 suggests
teaching these words as
vocabulary to young children.

Posted 3/16/08
Recommended by Judy
Montgomery at Best Practices
2008 for a fun way to teach
vocabulary. This site has a free
demo of software you can buy to
create your own games. There is
also a library of 15 games
already   made for different
areas and grade levels that are
free to download.

Posted 3/16/08
CLICK HERE for the 20 most
common English prefixes and
suffixes. (Recommended by Judy
Montgomery at Best Practices
2008 for vocab development).

CLICK HERE for common root
words for Science, Social
Studies, and Math.

Posted 3/16/08
This website is sponsored by
Microsoft, and has 100s of free
premade powerpoints about all
curriculum areas/ grade levels.
You can search the site for what
you want.
Vocabulary bingo from our PTA
Bingo for Books night. Common
words, good for ESOL students
and parents just learning English.

Contributed by the 2nd grade
team at Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/11/08
This is a list of children's books
that deal with various science

Contributed by the 2nd grade
team at Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/11/08
Effective teaching strategies
heavy in language development
for all content areas. Taken from
"Making Content
Comprehensible for English
Language Learners" by
Echevarria & Vogt. Compiled by
the Bilingual & Comp Ed
Resource Team, Dearborn
Public   Schools, 2002.

Contributed by Julia Williams
Posted 4/11/08
Several bookmarks on each
page  to print out for your
listing many different ideas to
get  them started writing.

Source unknown
Posted 4/11/08
This is a link to a site where you
can make your own math
dominoes with coins, digits, or
fractions. Scroll down to find the
dominoes - there are lots of
other printables on this site.

Posted 4/11/08.
This website allows kids to
practice their spelling words.
Just enter the spelling list and
the computer will teacher them
the word (including saying the
word in a sentence), test them
on the words, and allow them to
play games with the words.

Posted 10/24/08
Using Word Boxes
Designed as a visual strategy for
students who struggle learning
sight words.
self-study PPT to introduce what
word boxes are.

There are also templates to print
out for words of 1-5 letters:
Tall and Short boxes (11 pg)
Long and Short boxes (11 pg)
Tall, Long, & Short (10 pg)

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/20/09
This links to a site with lots of
downloadable materials, story
props and  activities. Previously
listed as  our link of the month

Posted 4/15/09
This site has lots of PowerPoints
and other activities for S-V
agreement. Scroll down for links
to other  sites with good S-V

Posted 4/15/09
This is a link to the Braidy Page
This site has free printables
(some in Spanish), graphic
organizers, authors' studies,
theme activities and more. This
was our Link of the Month for
May 2009.
Ten sentences using UN- and
DIS- words.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 7/14/09
This is 16 pages of activities to
get students thinking about a

CLICK HERE to download

Submitted by Cheryl Stewart
Posted 7/14/09
Project LA
CLICK HERE for Project LA from
Jefferson County, TN: tons of
PowerPoints for lang. arts,  
worksheets, classroom
activities,  online activities,

CLICK HERE for Project LA from
Lexington School District, SC:
lots of PowerPoints on various
lang. arts. skills (elementary

Posted 7/16/09
These are premade PPTS in all
academic areas. Mostly elem,
but   has some MS math and HS
physical science.

Posted 7/16/09
Various weekly science activities
from Highlights Kids magazine

Posted 7/16/09
This site has tons of interactive
quizzes for all grade levels and
subjects, as well as worksheets,
flashcards, puzzle maker, games,
and graphic organizers. All FREE.
Previous Link of the Month.

Contributed by Wesley Pankey
Posted 1/3/10
Ten nursery rhyme cards, each
with a picture and text, to teach
using visual/written context
clues to understand word

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/5/10
This is a graphic organizer to
help students learn vocabulary.
Good to make a reference book
for the student. Great for ESOL

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 3/21/10
Four short stories with Wh-
comprehension questions. Very
basic level.

Submitted by Jean Blond
Posted 10/30/10
This site has lessons, pracitce,
interactive games for making
inferences/ characters' feelings.

Posted 6/19/11
This site lists the content area
vocabulary for each grade level,
based on Common Core

Posted by Ellen Weber
This site is from Manatee School
District, FL and has lots of inter-
active lessons and quizzes for
literacy skills such as main idea,
context clues, etc. Grades K-2 at
this link, but google search for
grade 3.