See phonetic placement!
This is the COOLEST site! If you
type in a sound, an animation
appears to show placement of
articulators to produce
the sound. Also does Spanish
and German.

Posted 10/13/08
Chip the Chimp Free sample
download from Reading A-Z, this
story is loaded with CH words
for artic practice
at reading level. Opens with
Adobe Reader.

Posted 12/29/10
Y is for Yolanda
Short story loaded with Y
words for artic practice at
reading level.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 12/29/10
Deskribits for Y
Picture cards to describe
color, shape, location. Good
for artic practice for Y sound
at structured conversation

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 12/29/10
Free Webinar: How To
Correct The R Sound
30 min webinar, presented by
Anna Krueger, MSc,

Posted 10/25/16
Free Home Program
SpeechTherapy Ideas offers a
free home practice sheet for /s/,
with links to others.

Posted 10/25/16
LessonPix Sound Finder
Did you know that LessonPix
has a sound finder for SLPs to
locate images of words with
specific sounds in specific
locations in words? (And they
are cheaper than Boardmaker)

Posted 8/30/17
Worksheets, Forms, and
Free sound worksheets,
developmental charts, artic
screener, therapy log, & more
(free at time of posting)

Posted 8/31/17
Articulation Gameboards
Free at time of posting, these
are gameboards for specific
sounds and positions, created
by Shauna Woods, SLP

Posted 8/31/17
Artic Picture Cards,
Homework, & Gameboards
Organized by sound/position.
Free at time of posting

Posted 8/31/17
Complete Home Program
for /p/, /b/, and /f/
Activities to practice these
sounds at all levels, including
conversational carryover
Free at time of posting

Posted 8/31/17
ASHA's info on Articulation
and Phonology (EBP)
Norms, Symptoms of disorder,
Assessment, Treatment, etc.

Posted 8/31/17
Top 10 Articulation Apps
from SmartApps for Special
Needs, each app is reviewed
so you canchoose the one
that meets your needs