Basic Concepts Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
Part of the NIKI
series,  this is
interactive clock and
calendar.  Very cool
Interactive book  
about the seasons,
with games.  FREE
Interactive clock,
and games to learn
telling time. FREE
15 pairs of objects
to match. .99
Animated storybook
about opposites,
with lots of games.
Very cute pics/songs.
#'s, letters, animals
w/ sounds, days of
wk/mos.Free for now.
5 dif in each picture
change ea time you  
use the pic. 2 pics
for FREE. Not easy
Fun twist - objects
are moving, have to
spot the one that is
different . FREE
Interactive pics for  
spatial concepts and
the vocab. 1.99
Intro to multisensory
math program, basic
counting. Free
TinyTap interactive
book/game for basic
more/less concept.
FREE. Others avail.
Match workers with  
associated objects.  
2 boards free,  
whole app 2.99.
Free version of both
give 2 sets of 5 pairs.
Full version gives 12
sets for $2.99
TinyTap interactive
book/game to learn
dressing for season.
Free. Others avail.
TinyTap interactive
book/game for
community helpers.
FREE. Others avail.
TinyTap interactive
bk/game - choose the
commun. worker who
can help. FREE
Game to match
appropriate clothes
with weather. FREE
For spec needs who
do not understand
the concept of
"people"/ Who?
** Some of these are apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and some require
a membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand apps.
Covers 9 different
categories of basic
concepts. $1.99
Colors, letters,
counting, etc. games
and puzzles. For
Pre-K- 1st gr. Free
**Don't forget to check the TinyTap marketplace! They have a whole
toddler/prek curriculum with tons of activities for all areas:
Listening Skills
Pre-Reading Skills
Pre-Writing Skills
Pre-Social Studies Concepts
Social-Emotional Development
Science & Nature
Biological Sciences
Physical Sciences
Search by topic, age level, language, or author!
number patterns,
sequences.   $.99
Lots of concepts,
sequence sizes, etc.
One level FREE
Fun activity to learn
counting to 3 & sizes
S-M-L. Ages 2-3+