There is a lot of information
that needs to be gathered
before you refer a student
for a bilingual speech/language
evaluation! Some of these    
forms might help. They are
NOT an assessment!
Spanish Case Hx
Developmental/medical case
history form in Spanish,
with English subtitles.
Effects of Limited Eng
on Education
This handout explains BICS,
CALP, and Acculturation for
parents and teachers
Language Survey for
Culturally Diverse Ss
To be completed by SLP or
teacher, this form gathers
info to judge relative
strengths of both languages
for students. Most info
should be in the S's records,
but some might require
a parent interview.
Language Inventory for
Native Language
This checklist is sent to
parents to complete about
their child's use of their
native language at home.
Good indicator if there is a
disorder in both languages
that would warrant an eval.
Red Flags Matrix
After gathering all your
background info, plug it into
this matrix to help determine
if the issue is a possible
language disorder or a
language difference.
(not intended for PreK)
Bilingual Eval Report
Example of a bilingual
speech/lang evaluation
report. Typable and
editable. Note: tests
included are not current!
This is an example only.
Rubric for classroom teacher
to complete regarding S's
language proficiency in class.
Spanish Artic Screener
Taken from the PLS, this
needs to be administered by
someone who speaks
Understanding ACCESS
This handout explains the
different proficiency levels
that are reported for
listening, speaking, reading,
and writing English. Looking
a growth over time can help
identify Ss w a lang disorder.