Category sorting,
Sort pictures onto
Venn diagram circles.
Good pre-math skill,
attributes, etc. FREE
Game with lots of
categ's, good pics,
reinforcemt for
correct answer. FREE
Categorization Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
From Super Duper,
this gives categories
for student to list
members. FREE
Find, Classify,
Exclude, & Add One.
Reg 14.99, LITE
version is free to try
Select 1 pic from 5
that does not belong
in group. Good for
Category sorting,
naming, identifying
members. $9.99
Naming categories
for given items in
different settings.
Lite version is FREE
Super Duper fun deck
pictures, choose from
group of 3 or 4. $2.99
Watch for sale in May
Super Duper fun deck
pictures, gives 3-4
items in categ. $2.99
Watch for sale in May
Four clear photos
per page w/ aud
prompts. Keeps
data.  FREE
Choose 1 pic of 4 for
named category.  
Keeps data.  FREE
Drag 'n' drop photos
into correct boxes.
Includes FEELINGS.
Done in story format,
each page has a new
scene to find all the   
approp. items. FREE
Teaches word function
to name/describe people,
places, actions, etc. as
precursor to parts of sp.
Like the Pyramid TV
show, this is a game to