This 14-page booklet explains
what community helpers are,
and discusses several of the
more common ones. For 1st
grade Soc St curriculum and
Special Ed. Good for
generating WH- questions. See
also Sentence Builder activity
that goes with this.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/25/08
Our Community Helpers
Sentence Builder
Click here for part one that has
the sentence templates for
Who +  Is Doing + What
sentence forms.

Click here for part two that has
the word cards, directions and
curriculum   standards.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/25/08
Match up the worker with the
vehicle.  Print on sturdy card
stock, laminate and punch
holes to use as lacing activity
for Spec. Ed/ PreK/Kdg., or  cut
out and laminate to play

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/25/08
Community vehicles - pictures
and words with beginning letter
missing for students to write in.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/25/08
Sentence completion with word
bank, and crossword puzzle.

Free from
Posted 2/25/08
You won't believe all the cool
sites out there on this topic -
check it out!
Booklet with riddles to answer
WHO questions to identify
community helpers.

Created by Beth Williams
Posted 10/12/08
This Powerpoint has pictures
of several community workers
and their hats.

Submitted by Janine Lock
Posted 2/15/09
This Powerpoint is a sequel to
the one above, and has
pictures of the same
community helpers and their
tools. Also reviews hats.

Submitted by Janine Lock
Posted 2/15/09
Wow! 15+ premade
powerpoints just for
community helpers! This
site also has other related
activities, worksheets, etc.

Posted 2/20/09
Cute file folder activity to match
pictures of community helpers
to their help-wanted ads.

Created by Bonnie Bear
Posted 4/11/10
Free patterns to print and cut
out to make cute hats for
various community

Posted 10/18/17