These are cards to print out with
bunnies in different locations.
Print a double set to play

Created by Kris Larson
Posted 3/6/08
Basic concepts, following
directions, describing,
turn-taking, artic practice.

Created by Stephanie Tatta
Posted 3/7/08
This lesson/homework
assignment covers answering
questions, using describing
words, graphing, vocabulary.

Creator unknown
Posted 3/7/08
This activity involves reading
color words, following
directions,  and matching colors
to the jelly
bean flavor.

Creator unknown
Posted 3/7/08
This is a set of visual directions
for a very basic science
experiment - what happens
when  you microwave a peep?
Good for   prediction and

Creator unknown
Posted 3/7/08
This is a PowerPoint about
counting things in an Easter
basket. Good for sentence
construction and number/
number word recognition.

Created by Danielle McClure
Posted 3/26/08