Following directions  
game with verbs,  
nouns, prepositions,  
adjectives. $2.99
Following Directions Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
Give student direc
-tions to create
drawings, add objects
Easy to use. FREE
Program a robotic bee
w/ all directions ahead
of time to go thru maze.
Free. Several levels.
Four different types
of directions, many
levels for each. Can
customize. $19.99
**See also and check their marketplace for "following
directions" or "following instructions" activities. Many of them are free!
Some require a membership, which is a few $$/month for unlimited access
to over 150 thousand apps. Some examples below ...
52 dif 1-step
directions that can
be combined into
multi-step. $3.99
Get the orders right
to win this fun game.
FREE w in-app $$
TinyTap** activity for
directions w spatial &
same/dif concepts.
Ages 3+
**TinyTap activity to
introduce map skills.
Follow the dir to find
the treasure. Ages 3+
Or download the free TinyTap
app for iOS or Android and
search the marketplace right
on your device.
**TinyTap activity
that goes with story
Turk & Runt. 3 types
of directions. Age 5+
**TinyTap activity for
pet care that can be
used for following
1-step dir. Age 3+
Read or listen to
directions. Can be
played without adult -
good for centers. $.99
5 step drawings for 1
person to describe, &
others to draw from
description. 3rd gr+.
TinyTap activity for
following spatial
directions. Ages 4-5+
TinyTap activity for
following temporal/
sequetial directions.
Ages 4-5+
TinyTap intro to
following conditional
directions. Ages 4-5+