Financing Your Projects
Friends, fans, and inspired
strangers have pledged $2.6
billion to projects on
Kickstarter, funding
everything from homemade
postcards to Oscar-winning
Created by a history
teacher, this is a
website where teachers
can post classroom
project requests, and
donors can choose the
ones they wanted to
Raise money for personal
causes and life events -
medical bills, education,
accidents, sports teams.
Provided by Edutopia,
this list is updated
frequently, so check it
often! Covers grants,
contests & awards, and
classroom resources.
A collection of thousands of
grants and other
opportunities available to
public and private preK–12
schools, districts, and
educators; higher educ.
institutions; and nonprofit
organizations that work with
Education, the arts,
public safety—these are
just a few of the areas
supported through their
grants programs.
source for funding field
All of the major pet store
chains participate in
grants for classroom
pets. Check it out!
Since 1982 the Youth
Garden Grants have
reached over 1.3 million
students and hundreds of
schools to establish new
school and community
gardens and assist in
sustaining and renewing
existing gardens.
Provides supplies to
students in need, as well
as many teacher grants
from places like JoAnn,
Elmer's, Georgia Pacific,
Dollar General, and many
other organizations.
Grants, growd funding,
matching gifts, donations,
online auctions, fund-
raising projects and
events... the top 61 fund
ASHA Leader article from
Jan 2017 about matching
your project with an
appropriate funding
Article from the ASHA
School Finances
Committee with 4 tips for
getting your project
Grant writing tips from
the NEA