Garfields 4 Braidy!
These stories were written to go with Garfield
cartoons to use as quick Braidy/SGM lessons
Do Not Open
Garfield cannot resist  
the temptation to peek
behind the gate.
Full Moon
Camera Problems
Big Mistake
Crowded Bathtub
Down the Drain
Stormy Night
Garfield's Blind
Going to the Beach
New Kitty
John picks on the wrong
guy at the beach.
John's new camera
sends him to the doctor.
John's plan for a little
peace and quiet goes
horribly wrong.
Garfield's curiosity  
gets the better of him.
Garfied wakes the
neighborhood singing at
the full moon.
Garfield keeps getting
tangled in the window
John takes a little too
long getting ready to go
to the beach.
Garfield's jealousy
takes a not-surprising
Who's the scaredy-cat
on this stormy night?