Grammar Express
Grammar Express has too many
apps to list each one separately.
There are  "lite" versions for
FREE and full  versions for   
$1.99 - $2.99. Active/Passive
Voice, Nouns, Prepositons,  
Clause Analysis, Verb Tenses,
Articles, Figures of Speech,
Question Tag, etc.
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app store for "Grammar  
Grammar/Syntax Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Choose correct form
of irregular verb to
complete sentence.
FREE trial
Super Duper's fun
deck in an app.
Keeps data. Watch
for a sale in May
Fully functional irreg
verb diction'y. FREE
Good ref for older
Super Duper's fun
deck in an app.
Keeps data. FREE.
Others available.
Animated rapp,
practice, quizzes for
8 parts of speech.
Free trial,or 12.99
Super Duper's fun
deck in an app.
Keeps data. Watch
for a sale in May
Finish sentence w
correct preposition.
FREE.Other Quiz
programs 1.99
350+ adjectives,  
Chose 1 of 3 pics.
Great photos, is  
Super Duper's fun  
deck with 120 items.
$4.99. Look for sale
in May.
Free version has
15 pairs with
sentences, 2 levels
TinyTap has 100s of
lessons besides
mine. Search their
marketplace by topic.
App review from Educational
Technology and Mobile Learning
May 22, 2018
187 irreg verbs w
illust., game. Track
progress. Free
12 common core skill
areas; adjust difficulty
level. Lite vers. free.
Other gr levels avail
Identify irreg plural
endings and correct
word for sentence.
1st gr. $.99
6 gram skills in dif
games. New release
-not yet rated. 2.99
Ages 9-11
ID 8 parts of speech
in sentences. 10
levels of difficulty (2
free). Gr3-7. $1.99
60 hi freq reg/irreg
verbs - choose your
target. Records Ss
resp. Game. $2.99
Choose which of 15
pronouns to work on in
these games.
Expressive mode. 2.99
Fill in 52 sentences,
from SuperDuper.
Watch for May sale!
16 prepositions, 4
game boards, up to 4
players. Ages 4+
Set of 6 modules:
And/Or, But, Because,
So, If/Then, and Bldg
Complex Sentences
56 adverbs to choose
from, tracks score.
3.99 Watch for sale in
Collection of 5
modules-25 pronouns
and a final exam.
Scores given at end.
Below you will find my apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and some require a
membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand digital activities.
Set of 6 modules for
the most common
prefixes & suffixes.
Puzzles to learn
category members
and "not" members.
Ages 2-3+
Toddlers' intro to
negation in a fun
categories game.
Ages 2-3+
Learn what you can
and do use your
body parts for; intro
negation. Ages 2-3+
Intro to verb tense,
Ss choose is/was to
make simple and
complex sentences.
#conjunctions. 4+yrs
Ss choose which sent
uses correct word, i.e.
incite/insight. For high
elem grades +. Free