160 English idioms
w  illustrations,
origins, and
meanings.  FREE
Idioms Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Learning activity,
match game, quiz.
Several in FREE
version; Full app has
Dictionary for 5000
idioms and phrasal
verbs. No frills. Free
10 free comic pics for
idioms, student can
eval if he knows it or
not. Many more w/o   
pics, or pay $.99
Teach Ss to use
context clues to
determine meaning of
idioms. More available
in the
TT marketplace.
Fun trivia game for
older Ss - type in
the missing word.
Kid-friendly pics for
1000 flashcards, w
context and
pronunciation. Free
One of few apps that use
more than
flashcard/sentence. 9
comics that make Ss
think in lite ver. (45full)
81 idioms in free lite
ver., in conversat'l
context, w quiz. Full
version has 700/2.99
*Some digital activities in the
TinyTap marketplace require a
subscription, which is a few $$
per month for unlimited access
to over 150 thousand activities.