PowerPoint cheer/chant to learn
appropriate types of responses
for each WH question word.

Submitted by: Valerie Vanis
Posted: 3/29/07
This PhotoStory production is
viewable with Windows Media
Player. Guess the animals in the
zoo by clues.

Submitted by Charmaine Lewis,  
NSULA. Posted 8/10/07
Categorization activity with four
categories: Pets, People,
Playthings, and things to PUT in
your mouth - all /p-/ words

Submitted by: Ellen Weber,
Posted: 9/6/07
This will be a series of
PowerPoints and interactive
books about the different
materials objects can be made
of:  wood, metal, plastic, fabric,

Submitted by Ellen Weber   
This is a set of cards with
visuals for common math terms
used at the Kdg level. Cards
can be resized in MS Word.

Contributed by Jane Howser,
Title I Curriculum Specialist;
Posted 9/21/07
Originally designed for a Kdg
inclusion activity for the Letter "I"
week. This file is a book of visual
directions, sequencing cards,
vocabulary cards, and
suggested activities. It doesn't
taste too bad, either!

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/27/07
Brief PPT showing different
environments on the planet and
naming them. Appropriate for
or Spec. Ed.; Curric.Std. S1L1d

Submitted by Johnna Kunath
Posted 8/9/07
This is a Kdg math game to
work on 1:1 correspondence in
counting. Gameboard and
directions included.

Contributed by Fair Oaks Elem
Kdg teachers, posted 2/28/07.
This is a template for making
your own game via
PowerPoint.   This would be
great for
vocabulary! Headings  include
ABCs, Numbers, Shapes,
Patterns, and Position Words

Contributed by the Kdg team
at   Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/8/08
This is a PowerPoint version of
the game show, Hollywood
Squares, for Kdg math
concepts. You can edit the
name of the school.

Contributed by the Kdg team at
Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/8/08
This is a very brief
PowerPoint     about three basic
writing  skills. You could print
them out and  use them for
classroom signs.

Contributed by 2nd gr team at   
Fair Oaks Elem School.
Posted 4/11/08
This site has daily art activities,
file folder games to download,
free printables, learning center
ideas. Previous Link of the
Month choice.

Posted 9/22/09
This is 18 pages of lessons, 16
weeks, 2 lessons per week, that
are for Kdg co-teaching. Lots of
activities for phonological

Posted 4/30/10
PPT featuring lots of shapes,
rhymes, and action words.

Created by Bonnie Bear
Posted 10/31/15