Language Apps
30+pairs of     
opposites, 3 choices    
given. Game format     
with higher score for    
fast time $.99
DISCLAIMER:  You are responsible for making sure you have the
appropriate device, and have read the reviews/info before
down-loading any apps!
Story generator using  
WH questions or parts
of  speech. Can be
used w Braidy/SGM. .99
Spin the wheel to select  
random character, action  
and setting for story  
starters. 1,000 combos.FREE
FOR iPAD ONLY!. Illustrate
student's stories, use
customizable characters.
Use with Braidy/SGM.   $2.99
Interactive rooms w/  
Multiple uses. 2  
rooms free/Reg $1.9
Lots of apps for PCS    
picture vocabulary    
games. Mostly Free.
Basic Concepts
Part of the NIKI  
series,  this is inter-
active clock and
calendar.  Very cool.
Several FREE lite  
apps to try out:  
Compreh, Naming,
Rdg, Writing,  Categ,
and more.
Interactive book  
about the seasons,
with games.  FREE
Interactive clock,
and games to learn
telling time. FREE
FREE version has
shapes and objects
that go together.
15 pairs of objects
to match. .99
Oppos. pairs in Eng or
Span, receptive or
expressive tasks, by
category (noun, verb,
adjective, preposition)
Puzzle and memory
match game with
body parts. Parts of
face puzzles FREE.
The classic game w/
a twist ... animated,
costumes. A few
FREE, can buy more
Animated storybook
about opposites,
with lots of games.
Obj ID, oppos, pairs,
WH quest, Yes/No?,  
following dir. 5 in
each set for FREE