Make Your Own
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Import photos/videos,
make interactive, record
voice, + text. Create a
book and publish it to
iBookstore. See support
site for instructions. $4.99.
                         Create games, quizzes,  
                        homework, journals,
                        ebooks, interactive
                        visual schedules, AAC
                        boards, interactive
                        social stories for any
content, any age, any curriculum
standard. Easy enough for students to
use to create! Requires iOS or Android
tablet to create, but can be played on
anything that can access their
including computers and Chromebooks.
Over 100 thousand activities already
created in their marketplace.
can start earning money for their
creations! FREE and always will be!
Create your own data-
tracking app! Personalize
it, customize it. Tracks
anything you want to
track Free.
Create a scavenger hunt
by entering directions to
be followed to find the
"treasure". Lots of fun.
Students must be able to
read. Free, in iPhone apps
Create your own game
spinner. Choose specific
colors, # of segments,
read-aloud.  Somegames
are already loaded. FREE
Create MCQ tests w/ pics,
explanations, and unltd
questions. Use as flash
cards to study. Good
for higher grades. Share,
download others'.  FREE
Make your own
flashcards, share, down-
load others'. FREE
Can turn pics into many
different games for fee.