Make Your Own
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
Import photos/videos,
make interactive, record
voice, + text. Create a
book and publish it to
iBookstore. $4.99.
                     Create games, quizzes,  
                     homework, journals,
                     ebooks, interactive
                     visual schedules, AAC
                     boards, interactive
                     social stories for any
content, any age, any curriculum
standard. Easy enough for students to
use to create! Requires iOS or Android
tablet to create, but can be played on
anything that can access their
including computers and Chromebooks.
Over 150 thousand activities already
created in their marketplace (some
require membership to access).
Creators can start earning money for
their creations! FREE and always will be!
Make your own
flashcards, share, down-
load others'. FREE
Can turn pics into many
different games for a fee.
Create your own
puzzles from photos, 8
difficulty levels, w or
w/o rotation. FREE
Create your own game  
spinner for vocab, math
facts, following dir,
story elem, random
turn-taking.         $.99
                     10 different step-by-
                     step tutorials for
                     creating your own
                     "mini apps" with
                     TinyTap for FREE.
Includes the following:
 assessments (5 types)
 communication devices
 digital portfolios
 ebooks (interactive)
 game shows (pyramid, jeopardy)
 interactive/personalized soc stories
 interactive visual schedules
 puzzles (6 different kinds)
 self-directed professional dev't
 visual directions for projects
13 types of dice,
choose your #/color
for FREE. $1.99 if you
want to customize.
Create animated emojis to
add to your PPTs,
lessons, emails, etc. Or
create avatars for
you or your Ss. FREE
Create your own quiz
in form of a game
show on any topic.
Lite = FREE, Pro = 1.99
Roll one to five dice
by tapping screen or
shaking iPod. FREE.
Access 3 million+
sets of cards via
Quizlet, or make your
own. FREE!
Create your own spinner
for vocab, story elem,
math facts, turn taking,
etc. FREE
Find and download .gif
images for your therapy
materials. Website allows
you to create gifs. FREE
Source of license-free
images - photos and
clipart you can use.
Create professional-
looking text features/
fonts for your
lessons/wkshts. FREE