Memory Skills Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Classic Simon game,
repeat longer and
longer seq of lights
and sounds. FREE
BT Memory
Remember the seq of
5 scenic pics. Visual
only. FREE
1 Picture 10 Seconds
You have 10 sec to
look at pic, then
answer question.
Gets harder. FREE
Animal Repeater
Remember the seq of
animal sounds. Free
sample or full app
Sound Matcher
Match sounds in a
memory-style audio
game. Limited visual
cues. FREE
Memory Store
Visual memory for
missing items game.
Only .99
Monster Hunt
Remember which
squares on a grid had
the monsters. Fun
game, dif levels. Free
Improve Your Attention
Timed game to
quickly name color of
printed words. Gets
addicting. Free.
Brain Train HD
6 games, 3 levels: vis-
spat, memory, spatial
awareness, reaction,
attention. FREE
Fit Brains Trainer
Memory, processing  
speed, concentration,
prob solving, visual
skills. FREE
Remember This!
Series of 7 apps in
the TinyTap market to
teach listening-to
-remember skills