Writer's Hat
Story generator using  
WH questions or parts
of  speech. Can be
used w Braidy/SGM. .99
iPlotwheel Lite
Spin the wheel to select  
random character, action  
and setting for story  
starters. 1,000 combos.FREE
Story Patch
Illust. student stories,
use customizable
characters.   $2.99
Story Creation Apps
Create stories using
MadLib- style entries.
Lots of fun! FREE
Nighty Night
VERY cute interactive
scenes at night, no
words. Make up your
own story.  $2.99
Puppet Pals
Record and animate
your own stories.
Many characters and
scenes FREE, or $4.99
You can also use stories from
Free Stories page
Tell A Story With Tommy
Stories to listen to,  
sequence 4 pics,
retell story. $2.99
*Little Story Maker
Create interactive
books w/ your photos,
audio recordings, etc.
FREE. See report ***
*Story Creator (Pro)
Create stories with
your photos/videos.
FREE demo or $1.99
See report ***
*Speech Journal
Import photos and
record voice. Good to
record story retells.
3.99. See report***
*Book Creator
Import photos/videos,
make interactive,
record voice, + text,
$4.99. See report***
Click here to read a comparison  
of several story-creation apps.*
My Play Home
Interactive rooms/ yard with
many characters/ objects.
Create story to retell. Kids
LOVE this one! $3.99, or two
rooms FREE.
Toca Town
Similar to My Play
Home but better!. Use
for lots of TX activities
App to make your own
mini-apps, including
stories. FREE
The Gingerbread Man
TinyTap app for
narrative elements.
Rosie Revere, Engineer
TinyTap app for
narrative elements.
A Mouse At School
TinyTap app for
narrative elements for
If You Take a Mouse
To School
Stone Soup
TinyTap app for
narrative elements for
the story
Stone Soup.
Pixel & Parker
Spinner to change
story events - never
the same story! FREE
for ltd time.
The Juice Box Bully
TinyTap app
-Narrative elements
for this story about
bullying. FREE
Hooway for Wodney Wat!
*Book Creator
TinyTap app for
characters' feelings
based on  story.  FREE
Jamie O'Rourke ... Potato
TinyTap app for the  
narrative elements of  
Jamie O'Rourke and
the Big Potato. FREE
It's Not Easy Being A Bunny
TinyTap app for the
narrative elements in
It's Not Easy Being a
Bunny.  FREE
The Paper Bag Princess
TinyTap app
-Narrative elements
for this story. FREE