The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Targets 2-3 grade narrative
skills,  sequencing, cohesive
ties, and  2
levels of vocabulary context
clues. Links to online activities
are included.

Created by  Ellen Weber
Posted 3/20/10
Goes with Braidy lesson or
stands alone, this minibook is
pictures only, to encourage
retelling the story. Print the
pictures in color on cardstock
for  sequencing cards.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 3/20/10
10 words from the story, with
clues and word bank.
Lower-level  vocabulary good for

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 3/20/10
Interactive book for special ed
and Kdg. Can be used for a
variety of tasks/skills.

Adapted by Cathy Sewall
Posted 12/29/10
This worksheet has eight
sentences about the story, all
scrambled. Students must write
the sentences in correct word
order and match to picture. Also
targets pronouns, and using
context clues (capitals and
punctuation) to figure out
sentences. Great homework.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 4/12/11
This links you to an online site to
create a "scrapbook" for any
story character. Use rabbit for
this story.

Posted 4/12/11
Two in one! This has a scene of
McGregor's garden and 15
vocab  pictures to categorize or
use with  the scene for following
directions/barrier games.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 4/20/11