Suggested units by the
month, including
vocabulary, categories,
songs and books.

Created by Natalie Parra,
Posted 5-24-07
PowerPoint, sung to the
tune of "Who took the
cookie from the cookie
jar?", about riding the
school bus.

Created by Allison Soncrant
Posted 8-23-07
This is a PowerPoint
guessing  game. Clues
are given, students guess
the sea animal. Make into
a  book by printing each

Created by Allison
Posted 8-23-07
Interactive book about
things you would find in a
backpack. Print on card
stock. Cut out the
individual picture cards.
Versatile uses for
articulation and language.

Created by Leigh
Posted 8-23-07
This is a website where
you can print out the
words to 69 different
nursery rhymes. There is
a huge amount of
materials for early
childhood on this
PowerPoint about using
your five senses for the
Fall season. Can be
printed and used as an
interactive book.

Created by Dannielle
Posted 9-10-07
PowerPoint picturing
familiar actions. Good for
sentence structure.

Submitted by Claire
James, Posted 9-15-07
Roll the dice to win a
piece to create Mr.
Pumpkin Head. Can be
used for step-by-step art
project, following
directions, learning body
parts, and many
more skils.

Retrieved from
Posted 9/18/07
Graphic organizer for
categorizing. Can be used
to make personalized  
book to help students talk
about their Halloween.

Submitted by Leigh
Posted 9/18/07
Interactive book about
common     things we see
at  Halloween. Good for
sentence structure and
describing words.

Submitted by Leigh
Posted 9/18/07
Guessing game with
Halloween pictures. Good
for multiple activities or
grade levels.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/22/07
16 cards with different
ghosts to  show 10
feelings and 6 misc
describing words.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/23/07
Interactive book for
Simon Says game. Good
for learning action words.

Submitted by Heather
Byrge, Posted 8/25/08
Interactive book about
fall, with  emphasis on
sentence structure.  
CLICK HERE for a fill-
in-the-blank activity that
goes with the book.

Submitted by Mallory Hart
Posted 10/12/08
This is a PowerPoint with
basic info about different

Submitted by Mallory Hart
Posted 10/12/08
This is a link to another
page, many of the
materials are appropriate
for  PreK.

Posted 2/19/09
This site has TONS of  
powerpoints and
associated activities  for
any preK topic you can
think of!

Posted 2/20/09
This site has TONS of
Fairy Tale materials for
ALL grade levels.

Posted 2/20/09
This is an art project to
make paper roll dolls with

Sumitted by Lauren Cohen
Posted 9/22/09
This links to a site where
you can download free
computer activities for
very young children.

Posted 6/9/11
These are parent letters
for activities to go with a
new story each week.
Even if you don't use
the letters, there are great
ideas for stories and

Submitted by Allison
Posted 7/4/13
TinyTap is a free app for
you to create your own
"mini apps" for your
students. They have a
marketplace of over 150K
activities, mostly for
young children. Some
require a membership to
access. They also have
an entire curriculum for
PreK that they call their
"Learning Plan". It
includes Language
(Speaking, Listening,
pre-Reading, pre-Writing)
pre-Math, pre-Science,
pre-SocialStudies, and
Social Skills).
Also search this site for
apps by skill/topic. Most
of the TinyTaps I have
created would be
appropriate for ages 2-6.
Preschool Articulation/
Phonol'y Screener
Download from TpT.
Free at time of post.
Westby Symbolic
Development levels
of pre-symbolic and
symbolic play skills,
with associated
language skills.
Sp/Lang Screening
Free screening for
ages 0-5, from
Shared with permission 8/1/19
Free online AAC
assessment. Also good
for low functioning/
non-verbal kids
Preschool SLPs
Facebook professional
group - great ideas and  
Designing a Play
for kids with autism or
sensory needs
25 Speech/Lang
Handout with ideas for
stimulating sp/lang
development in your
kids at home
I Think My
Preschooler is
Info from an SLP about
what is normal and what
is not, what
you can
do at home.
PLS-5 Validity
Study done after
complaints about test.