Questions Apps
From Super Duper.
WHO? is FREE in
lite version. Others  
are 2.99 ea. Watch
for a sale in MAY.
Just like the one
above, but w all
kinds of monsters.
Fun all year long.
Photo choices to
answer WH
questions.  FREE
Just like the old
CLUE game. Ss ask
questions to guess
the character. FREE
Customizable, has
a lite version for
Uses Boardmkr pics
for a variety of  
quest- ans skills.
Try the Lite FREE
Clue game style, but
lots of character
boards.Use for
pron/categ'n FREE
Lots of short fiction
stories w multiple
choice questions,
etc. FREE
Super Duper's app
that tracks data.
Good for inferenc'g.
$2.99, Sale in May.
Hilarious!work on
answering/ formulating
questions! $.99