Interventions for the digital age
Available from TinyTap
             The following are mini-apps that can be downloaded for FREE
                     from TinyTap onto your iOS or Android tablet (you need to have
                     the free TinyTap app installed to access them), or run them from
their website on your laptop. When you enter their "marketplace", search for
the topic, title, author, or "intervention".  
Fry's First 100 High Frequency Sight Words.
These mini-apps each target 25 sight words, in 5 sets of 5. Students
must tap on the correct word when they hear it, then find the words
in context. Difficulty level can be increased by adding a time limit.
Keeps your data for present use (not running log). (More levels to

Intervention goals: identifying sight words, identifying sight words
within text, reading fluency.
Other Apps
Little Writer
This app gives kids practice
copying upper/lower case letters,
numbers, shapes, & words. Can
add your own words like child's
name. Fun to do. Does not keep
data. FREE

Intervention goals:
letter/number formation