Reading Resources
a collection of free, easy-
to-read, and accessible
books on a wide range of
topics. Each book can be
speech enabled and
accessed using multiple
interfaces, including touch
screens, the IntelliKeys
with custom overlays, and
1 to 3 switches.
Finding the reading
level of a book:
Find grade level equiv, DRA
level, Guided Reading level,
or Lexile measure of a book
Reading Collections
Accelerated Reader Level
search for book titles based
on authors, topics, or titles
of books. Just type what
you want to search for in the
blank field above and click
Go. You will then be able to
sort your search results,
select book titles to add to
your AR BookBag, print a
list of your search results
Level It Books app
Scan a book's ISBN code
and get grade level
equivalent, DRA level, and
Lexile level. They also have
a library of books for all
Picture Books
List of recommended
picture books from
organized by theme.
Free Reading Websites
11 sites with free reading
materials for kids, from
Paul V. Sherlock
Center on Disabilities
Adapted Literature
and Lessons
Repetitive Books
List of 50 repetitive books,
good for apraxic students.
Apps for Reading
Visual for Decoding Skills
Inforgraphic for students to
remind them to use their
decoding strategies during
reading, FREE from TpT.
(Not responsible if seller
changes their price!)
Reading and the SLP
50 Uplifting Stories
about kids w spec needs
Books for SLPs
Change the reading level of
a text by copying/pasting it
into this program to reword
it for your students.
Books for Artic/Phonol
This is a list of
sound-loaded books,
organized by sounds