Sequencing Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Speech With Milo:
Lots of concepts,
sequence sizes, etc.
One level FREE
Sorting Machine
Speech With Milo:
Speech With Milo: Seq'g
Lots of uses, cute
pictures, short seq  
for tasks. 2.99
Tell A Story With Tommy
Stories to listen to,
sequence 4 pics,
retell story. 2.99
Drag and drop 3 or  
4 pictures into c
correct sequence.
Several sets FREE.
Regular 1.99
I Can Do ... Sequencing
350 sequences of life
skills photos, 5
different types of
sequencing activities.
Step-By-Step Sequencing
Seq of 3-10, activ.
of daily living (ADL)
pics, for kids or
adults. Free
Sequence of Events
21 task cards for
sequences of 3-5 with
cute graphics for kids.
Sort By Size
20+ levels of sorting
objects in ascending
and descending order.
Critical pre-math skill.
TinyTap Marketplace
Search the TinyTap
marketplace for more
activities. Many are
Suffixes: -er, -est
There are lots of way
of sequencing
things. Teach the
vocabulary that goes
with it!