Sequencing Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Lots of concepts,
sequence sizes, etc.
One level FREE
Sorting Machine
Drag and drop 3 or  
4 pictures into
correct sequence.
Several sets FREE.
Regular 2.99
I Can Do ... Sequencing
350 sequences of life
skills photos, 5 dif
types of sequencing
activities. FREE.
Step-By-Step Sequencing
Seq of 3-10, activ. of
daily living (ADL)
pics, for kids or
Sequence of Events
21 task cards for
sequences of 3-5
with cute graphics
for kids.   $.99
Suffixes: -er, -est
There are lots of way
of sequencing things.
Teach the vocabulary
that goes with it!
See also Narrative/Story Apps
Autism Speech Seq'g
5 dif natural life
cycles in 4 step seq.
Time given to retell
steps.  FREE
Read & Sequence Stories
30 short stories w 4
pics to seq, for beg.
readers. $.99
Book Companions
Collection of digital
activities for narrative
skills/sequencing for
6 dif stories. GrK-5
How? (SuperDuper)
Digital flashcards of
seq'l tasks like make
a sandwich or intro-
duce yourself. 3.99
Talking Train
Vis support for story
telling, seq'g, soc
stories, etc. Add you
own info. 1.99
Below you will find some apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and some require
a membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand apps.
See the TT marktplc
for lots more activities
Just search for
Help Ss learn to be
independent in the
community. Videos,
seq'g pics, games.
FREE! Others avail.
iDo Community