Most of these are brief PowerPoint
presentations. If you want a hard
copy, open PPT and print each slide.
Please be patient. Some of these might
take a couple minutes to download,
depending on your computer.
Conversation Script (lower)
(Danielle McClure and
Stephanie Reeves)
Conversation Script
(Danielle McClure and
Stephanie Reeves)
Ask Me About My Day
(Janine Lock)
(Caren Rothstein)
NOTE: Thanks to a vigilant visitor, I recently found out that the term "Social Stories" is trademarked. Therefore, any reference to
similar materials submitted for this site will be referred to as "Social Scripts".  Thanks for the 411, Jane!
Talking With Friends
(Allison Soncrant)
Link to Polyox
Additional stories
Link to the Watson Institute
Additional stories
Link to Slater Software
Additional stories
Autism Spectrum Directory
Additional stories
Telling the Truth
(Ellen Weber)
Being First
(Ellen Weber)
Raising Your Hand At
(Caren Rothstein)
Link to Pinterest
Additional stories, resources
Link to MCESA
Stories and PPT template
One Place for Spec Needs
TONS of free social scripts
Getting Attention
(Allison Soncrant)
Requesting to Use Restrm
Allison Soncrant
If Someone Says "NO"
(Margaret Green/Ellen Weber)
Video Modeling Project
short videos on YouTube