Spatial Relations
This is a powerpoint
with basic concepts about
apples. Cute for describing
words, locations, etc.

Submitted by Allison Soncrant
Posted 2/21/08
32 flashcards to print out
showing Halloween
characters in different
places /prepositional   
phrases. Cards can be
enlarged to 4 per page.

Retrieved 9/25/07 from:
Where is the Pumpkin?
These are two PowerPoints
that can be printed out as
books. One has the pumpkin
in the location
(click here),
and the other one is blank
for the students to place the
pumpkins in the correct
(click here).

Submitted by Claire James
Posted 10/7/07
This website has
interactive activities for
spatial relations.

Posted 2/26/08
This is an interactive
book for prepositions,
similar to Where is

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/10/07
This is a link to illustrated
worksheets for writing
prepositional phrases in
sentences. Very cute!
This is a link to an
Dr. Seuss site.
sentences to describe pics
using word boxes. Primarily
targets "in" and "on".

Posted 2/27/08
Description: Interactive
book for   song, take-off on
"On Top of Old Smokey".
Good to use for prepositions.

Created by: Ellen Weber
Posted 5/6/07
This is an interactive book
which is good for spatial

Created by Leigh Blackburn?
Posted 3/3/08
These are cards to print out
with   bunnies in different
locations. Print a double set
to play memory.

Created by Kris Larson
Posted 3/6/08
This is a link to the page
with 2 different PowerPoints
that can be  printed as
interactive books.

Submitted by Dannielle
Posted 3/4/09
This is an 8-pg booklet that is
good for talking about zoo
animals or spatial concepts /

Submitted by Bonnie Bear
Posted 3/25/09
This link takes you to the site for a
game with opposites. Good
for Prek, Kdg, ESOL, sped

Posted 3/27/10
This PowerPoint uses
animal sounds to target
spatial concepts, answering
"where" questions,
identifying farm
animals, and stating
category names.

Created by Allison Soncrant
Posted 9/4/10
Finger Talkers
Sometimes called "hand
talkers" or "fortune tellers",
this is a paper folded into a
game for describing

CLICK HERE for English
CLICK HERE for Spanish
CLICK HERE for blank

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/21/10
Picture/word sentences
about sports equipment in
different locations.

Created by Allison Soncrant
Posted 7/3/13
15 sets of free visual-
spatial printables.

Posted 4/24/17