Standardized Testing
Description: Appropriate for middle
school grades. Lesson plan,
worksheet for group activity, and
PowerPoint presentation.

Submitted by Merritt Green
Posted May 10, 2007
Contributed by Debbie Lozo, May 14, 2007
Contributed by Debbie Lozo, May 14, 2007
Contributed by Debbie Lozo, May 14, 2007
PowerPoint presenting the definitions of
each of the "Power Words" on the CRCT.

Posted 1/21/08
PowerPoint presenting the "Power
Words"  on the CRCT and instructional

Posted 1/21/08
This is a list of websites with educational
games targeting the academic skills
covered on the CRCT.

Posted 1/21/08
General test-taking skills. Each skill can
be printed on a separate card or poster.

Posted 1/21/08
From this site, you can download
practice   test items to help your students
with the
vocabulary of test-taking.  (grades 1-5)

Posted 4/56/08
This site has hundreds of on-line games
in any/all academic areas from PreK thru
High School, and ESOL.

Posted 4/6/08
This is a PowerPoint presentation of tips
for before and during testing.

Submitted by Kim Boehringer, Math
Coach,                                Fair Oaks Elem
School.  Posted 7/14/09
PowerPoint with vocabulary words,
pictures, definitions and attributes.

Created by Jane Sellers, Ed.S., CCC-SLP
Posted 7/14/09
Do You Have The Power?
Two levels of vocabulary - match the
word  to the definition/explanation.
CLICK HERE for the higher level words
CLICK HERE for the lower level words.

Contributed by Jessica Mills
Posted 8/25/09