Unit prepared by Ellen Weber 4/13/11
This is a picture of the town
square from the story, along with
pictures of objects/people from
the story to manipulate. Use for
story construction, following
directions, or print two and use
like a barrier game.
Inclusion lesson for 1-2 grade.
Targets identifying implied
feelings, making predictions,
compare/contrast with previous
Braidy lesson Jamie O'Rourke,
vocabulary. Includes link for live
video stream of animated story.
6-part sequence, with pictures
from story selected to facilitate
use of "while" or "because" ties.
Pictures from the story to name
and categorize into person/place/
Sentence template and pictures
from story to construct Who + IS +
Where sentences / answer
Where questions about story.
Word search using vocabulary
words pretaught in lesson.
This is a 3X3 bingo game with
pictures of feelings from the
story. Includes 5 different
boards  and call-out cards.