Pictures to help students tell
about their summer vacation.

Created by: unknown
Posted 8/11/08
Interactive book about fun
things to do in the summer.
Good for IS +  -ING sentence

Created by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 8/11/08
Camping is Fun!
Theme unit about camping.
Click here for an animated
Powerpoint about camping.

Click here for three pages
of vocabulary activities to go      
with the Powerpoint.

Submitted by Janine Lock
Posted 2/15/09
Powerpoint of jungle animals,
good  for counting 1 - 10.

Submitted by Janine Lock
Posted 7/6/09
Powerpoint of things in the
jungle, including rainstorm.
Includes activity for making
sound effects.

Submitted by Janine Lock
Posted 7/6/09
Here is a list of summer
activities to send home to
parents. Good for elementary
level or higher grade special ed.

Submitted by Cheryl Stewart
Posted 7/6/09
This lists 50 language
development activities parents
can do with their preschoolers
over the summer.

Submitted by Alison Soncrant
Posted 7/6/09
PowerPoint of things under the
sea. Good for vocabulary and
spatial concepts.

Created by Bonnie Bear
Posted 3/21/10
Visuals and lyrics for a song  
done  to the tune of "Take Me
Out To The Ball Game". Could be
done as a file folder

Created by Bonnie Bear
Posted 4/11/10
Braidy lessons for gr K-5 for  
story  about Vincent VanGogh.  
Gr.2-5 targets perspective-
taking. Alsogood for  discussing
for gr 2-5

Gr K-1 targets character
description, sequential   
cohesive   ties, feelings.
CLICK HERE for Kdg-1st gr

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/4/10
Interactive book for learning
sea creatures and basic
sentences structure.

Submitted by Allison Soncrant
Posted 1/1/14
Link to SuperDuper's calendar of
fun summer speech/language  
activities for 2016.

Posted 4/27/16
Concerned your kids/students
will spend TOO much time on
their electronic devices over the
summer? Check this out!

Posted 4/27/16
Summer book lists, with
lesson plans and S/L activities
from Omazing Kids.