Sentence Completion Cards
CLICK HERE to download 20
sentence cards for
Pronouns: He, She, They.

CLICK HERE to download 20
sentence cards for
Pronouns: Him, Her, Them.

CLICK HERE  to download 20
sentence cards for
pronouns: His, Hers, Theirs.

CLICK HERE to download 20
sentence cards for

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 3/12
Community Helpers Sentences
CLICK HERE for part one that has
the sentence templates for Who
+  Is Doing + What sentence forms.

CLICK HERE for part two that has
the word cards, directions and
curriculum  standards.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/25/08
Sentence Types
This is a PowerPoint about
complete sentences, sentence
fragments, run-on sentences
and  compound sentences. Has
online  activities and quizzes. For
lessons like this, see the
Academic Activities page.

From Project LA, Lexington
        School District, S.C.
Posted 7/16/09
For those of us who need a
reminder of which pronouns are
reflexive, etc, this list will do it!
Also has some classroom
activities listed, as well as a list
of materials. You might need to
sign in, but it's free.

From SuperDuper, Inc. handouts
Posted 7/16/09
This is a powerpoint for making
Who + is doing what  sentences.
Very basic. Good for those just
beginning to use sentences.

Created by Lori Wills
Posted 11/21/10
This links to a page with several
activities and materials for
sentence structure, based on
the  old FOKES Sentence Builder
program that is no longer being
published (darn!) Check out the
info letter.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 12/30/10