Utilities and Productivity Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Find your lost iPhone,  
iPad, or  iPod Touch.
Uses GPS technology.  
From Super Duper.
Simple calculator just
to do your data. No
fancy bells & whistles.  
Translates text into
32 languages and
pronouces it for you.    
Use cautiously. FREE.
12 different clocks &
timers - stop watch,
metronome, alarm,
countdown.  2.99
Probably not accurate
dB levels without mic,  but
great visual for working on
voice/vol control. FREE.
Video conference via
satellite for FREE. You  
need WIFI connection.
(Not FERPA compliant)
Roll one to five dice
by tapping screen or
shaking iPod. FREE.
Access 3 million+ sets
of cards via Quizlet, or
make your own. FREE!
Enter goals. Track goup
or student  resp by
tapping. Auto %. Add
notes. Email. $5.99
Access the new
national curric stds.
Some "bugs" in math
section.   FREE
Turn iPad into an
interactive whitebrd.
Add pics/animate
FREE for now.
Manipulate photos for
interactive sequencing
activity. FREE. EASY.
Great for recording
language samples,
email to yourself. FREE,
or $1.99 for lg files.
Take a photo of any
text and send it to
yourself as pdf doc.
Visual stop light w/
timer to count down
for task completion.
Can use without
timer for bhvr. FREE
Don't get lost going
to a meeting again!
Load ppt or pdf files on
your iPad, take notes,
draw, highlight right on
the page. 1.99
This timer can be set to
time 2 events, like time
on task and break time.
Control a whole class
room full of devices
from your iOS or   
Android device. FREE
Create your own quiz
in form of a game
show on any topic.
Lite = FREE, Pro = 1.99
Make your own flashcards,
share, down-
load others'. FREE
Can turn pics into many
different games for a fee.
Comm w par, share
photos & portfolios,
sched appts/volunteer,
track behvr. FREE lite
Be prepared for any
emergency. Translates
into Spanish in app, calls
911 if needed.   FREE
Set up color-coded Tx
sched, add notes, add
contacts, see in week
view. Free lite/2.99 Pro
Kid-friendly visual
countdown timer for
Ss w difficulty
transitioning. FREE
Comm w parents, send
reminders, translate 90
lang, share photos/files,
and more.   FREE
Get real-time input from
your Ss to check
compreh, take vote, &
more.   FREE
Digital wall/b.board to
post assignments and
resources for your Ss.
Make flashcards,
download others. Gives
correct pronunc'n in
several lang. FREE
                  Create games, quizzes,  
                  homework, journals,
                  ebooks, interactive
                  visual schedules, AAC
                  boards, interactive
                  social stories for any
content, any age, any curriculum
standard. Easy enough for students to
use to create! Requires iOS or Android
tablet to create, but can be played on
anything that can access their
including computers and Chromebooks.
Over 150 thousand activities already
created in their marketplace (some
require membership to access).
Creators can start earning money for
their creations! FREE and always will be!
                  10 different step-by-
                  step tutorials for
                  creating your own
                  "mini apps" with
                  TinyTap for FREE.
Includes the following:
assessments (5 types)
communication devices
digital portfolios
ebooks (interactive)
game shows (pyramid, jeopardy)
interactive/personalized soc stories
interactive visual schedules
puzzles (6 different kinds)
self-directed professional dev't
visual directions for projects
Create your own spinner
for vocab, story elem,
math facts, turn taking,
etc. FREE
Add motion/animation to
any part of any image.
Edit your videos,
remove background,
add new backgrnd
Easily design posters,
flyers, presentations,
and more. Use on social
media. FREE
Image editing app - layer
images, double expos'r,
remove bkgrnd. Free
version for basic edits.
If you keep your data in
Excel, now you can
access/edit it in iOS
Access/create/edit all
of your MSWord docs.
Access/edit/play all
of yr PowerPoints.
Text-to-sp generator.
94 voices, 37 different
languages. FREE
visual timer.
Dozens of uses. .99