Utilities and Productivity Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Find your lost iPhone,  
iPad, or  iPod Touch.
Uses GPS technology.  
From Super Duper.
Simple calculator just
to do your data. No
fancy bells & whistles.  
Translates text into
32 languages and
pronouces it for you.    
Use cautiously. FREE.
12 different clocks &
timers - stop watch,
metronome, alarm,
countdown.  Free.
Probably not accurate
dB levels without mic,  
but great visual for
working on voice/
volume control. FREE.
For students who
need the visual to
stay on task. $.99
Voice-controlled games
to encourage vocalization
or production of 23
phonemes or  control voice   
volume. $4.99
Video conference via
satellite for FREE. You  
need WIFI connection.
(Not FERPA compliant)
Roll one to five dice
by tapping screen or
shaking iPod. FREE.
Access 3 million+ sets
of cards via Quizlet, or
make your own. FREE!
Voice activated
puppet  says what you
say.Some will love it,
some  will find it
creepy. $.99
Enter goals. Track goup or
student  responses by
tapping. Auto %.   Enter
comments. Email record.
Keep a record of your
classes/ costs, certif/
license validity
periods, earned CEUs,
etc. $.99
Carry your Tx schedule
with you! Organized by
day or week. $.99
Access the new
national curric stds.
Some "bugs" in math
section.   FREE
Working on your
thesis? Here's an APA
citation guide,
6th edit.   FREE
Turn iPad into an
interactive whitebrd.
Add pics/animate
FREE for now.
Tons of flashcard
libraries. Make your
own, share, down-
load others' FREE
Manipulate photos for
interactive sequencing
activity. FREE. EASY.
All kinds of game
items: dice, spinner,
coin flipper. FREE
Turn any photo into
a slide puzzle. Free.
Turn any photo into a
hidden picture game.
Great for vocab - use
story pictures. Free
Great for recording
language samples. Can
email file to yourself.
Free, or $1.99 for
larger files.
Take a photo of any
text and send it to
yourself as pdf doc.
Visual stop light w/
timer to count down
for task completion.
Can use without
timer for bhvr. FREE
Don't get lost going
to a meeting again!
Quickly look up
what to do in an
emergency. FREE
Load ppt or pdf files
on your iPad, take
notes, draw, highlight
right on the page. 1.99
Download ppt files to
your iPad and play with
full animation. FREE
This timer can be set
to time 2 events, like
time on task and break
time. FREE
Create your own quiz
in form of a game
show on any topic.
Lite = FREE, Pro = 1.99
Get automatic notices
when your favorite
apps are on sale/free!
Control a whole class
room full of devices
from your iOS or   
Android device. FREE
             Collaborative web
             browser and file
             sharing lead by a
             facilitator. Usually
Create your own mini
apps for any content
or skill level. Android  
or iOS. FREE
TinyTap app - is a
tutorial to learn how
to use the many
features. FREE
App Notifiers-
Put your fav apps on a watch list to
receive notices of price drops
Search for apps,
create a "watch list",
get notices of  
updates FREE.
Search for new
releases by
category and age
(0-14). FREE.
Search for apps,
create a "watch
list", get notices  
of updates FREE.