Verbal Expression Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Find the Differences
Classic activity of  
finding differences
between 2 kiddy
pictures  FREE
Differences Lite
Find dif btw 2 pics -
uses photos approp
for older students.
Slide Circus
Classic slide puzzles.
IPhone app is .99  and
works on iPad.
Talking Tom
Animal avatar says  
what you say in
funny voice. FREE
Other animals avail.
Super Duper's fun  
deck of absurd pics.
2.99 - watch for a
sale in May!
What's Odd?
3 levels of difficulty
in finding what's
wrong in each pic
HOW Questions
Super Duper's fun
deck of How
questions to tell
task sequence. 2.99
My PlayHome
Interactive rooms w/  
Multiple uses. 2  
rooms free/Reg $1.9
Mixed Up Animals
Mix and match diff
animal parts to create
crazy animals. FREE
Monsters also avail.
Choice board to help
describe objects.
Works w/
EET program.
Ss create their own
stories by the choices
they make. 12 stories
possible. Retell 3-parts.