Vocabulary Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
for naming emotions
Great photos. FREE
photos, select
correct one from
choice of 4. FREE
Lots of picture
vocab for each
letter, w sent. Can
record.   FREE
Tons of flashcard
libraries. Make your
own, share, down-
load others' FREE
This TinyTap activity
teaches Ss to use
context clues to
determ mult. mngs.
Ages 6-7+
Series of 5 TinyTap
apps for synonyms
by category of word
Kdg intervention for
biling Ss to learn
basic Eng vocab
at school.
Kdg intervention for
biling Ss to learn
basic Eng vocab
at school
Experience "stop"
and "go" in this fun
game/dance video.
Ages 2-3+
This TinyTap game
teaches the vocab/
concept of
possession. 2-3+ yrs
you-don't TinyTap
game to teach concept
of "all gone", object
perm. Ages 2-3+
Interactive puzzle
story to teach
pre-math concepts
of "more" and "no
more". Ages 2-3+
Ss listen for 2 attrib.
to find Bo Peep's
lost sheep.  3-4+ yrs
This game offers
several cogn. tasks
to learn spatial
Ages 3-4+
Learn the preps for
spatial concepts in
this fun autumn
game. Ages 4-5+.
More prepositions for
spatial concepts in this
TinyTap game for St.
Patty's day. Ages 4-5+
Have Hannukah fun
with this TinyTap
game to find the cat.
#prepositions Age 3-4
Perfect companion
to the Braidy literacy
program. Learn
preps/spatial concepts.
Ages 4-5+
Choice board with
describing words.
Works well with EET
program. Ages 4-5+
Find the right heart
from the description
in this fun game.
Ages 3-4+
Intro Ss to functional
categories of words
for answering WH
Ages 3-4+
Great bk companion
to work on context
clues to determine
word meaning
Ages 5-6+
Fun pics & videos to
teach the changing
perspective of "you".
Ages 2-3+
Fun pics & videos to
introduce the
perspective of "me".
Ages 2-3+
TinyTap bk compan.
for word knowledge,
vocabulary, spelling,  
& more. Ages 5-6+
Similar to Clue, Ss
guess elf by
eliminating ones
described. Ages 4-5+
Preposition fun for
Christmas with this
story game with a
surprise ending. Ages
I don't often add my opinion on things I post here, but I feel I must in this case. Most "vocabulary" apps on the market either just have a child tap on the
picture and hear the word, or guess which picture is correct from a choice of 2-4. In the case of the latter, you are not teaching, you are testing. Research
has shown this to be the LEAST effective method of learning word meaning. Please supplement these activities with other more effective word study
activities (in the larger sense, not just spelling instruction), and reserve these for some fun home reinforcement or center activities.
SuperDuper Core Vocab
These are lite/FREE versions of
SuperDuper's Vocabulary based on
Common Core Curric Standards.
Full versions 8.99, cheaper in a
bundle. Watch for sale in May!
PreK-Kdg             1st Grade
2nd Grade          3rd Grade
Ss rearrange letters
to spell either ant or
syn (random). 3
levels of diff. FREE
14 pairs of opposites
free, flashcards and
multi-choice activitiy.
Full set of 35 for .99
1 set of 8 pairs free, or
4.99 for all 4 sets. Ss
see/hear flashcards,
then do multi-choice
Interactive pics for  
spatial concepts and
the vocab. 1.99
Free version of both
give 2 sets of 5 pairs.
Full version gives 12
sets for $2.99
Very cute pics/songs.
#'s, letters, animals
w/ sounds, days of
wk/mos.  FREE
Colors, letters,
counting, etc. games
and puzzles. For
Pre-K- 1st gr. Free
Interactive rooms w/  
Multiple uses. 3.99
Entire series of these
See the TT marktplc
for lots more vocab
activities for your
Below you will find my apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and some require a
membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand digital activities.
Explore dif dept in
grocery store in this
fun game of which
does not belong.
Ages 5-6+
Lots of words in 9
categ. Ss will need
some early phonics
skills for quiz.FREE
Ss choose which sent
uses correct word, i.e.
incite/insight. Small
screen. Free
120 words for
each level- 3rd gr
and 8th gr.
1200 words for ages
12+. Auto advance
thru levels. Can get
Get new wd ea day,
set country for
pronc'n, can look up
word in Google.
Ages 12+  FREE
5 categ FREE, each w
10-12 words. Flashcard,
multi-choice ident, &
memory game.