30+prs of opposites, 3
choices given. Game
format with higher
score for fast time $.99
Lots of apps for
PCS  picture   
vocabulary games.
Mostly Free.
Vocabulary Apps
From Cambridge Univ,
animated phrasal  
verbs. Very cool.
Free for ltd time.
for naming emotions
Great photos. FREE
photos, select
correct one from
choice of 4. FREE
Lots of picture vocab
for each letter, with
sentence. Can record.
FREE w/ ads.
Vocab pics w/ sounds.
Some common words
that are seldom taught
("gas station") FREE
Tons of flashcard
libraries. Make your
own, share, down-
load others' FREE
TinyTap app for an
interactive experience.
Series of 5 TinyTap
apps for synonyms by
category of word type.
Kdg intervention-  
TinyTap game to
learn basic  Eng
vocab - FREE