Voice/Fluency Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
Probably not accurate dB
levels without mic,  but
great visual for working
on voice/ volume control.
Customizable metro-
nome with multi-
sensory display.
Combines a pitch
detector with a
metronome. Very
Provides vis analysis of
Record, compare to
400 words in list.
Multiple video
lessons from a NY
vocal coach, some
appropriate for TX.
For use at home or
class to track # of dys-
fluencies, avoidance
behaviors, feelings,etc
Intro to ESV -
learn to self-monitor
Adjust speed of your
recorded voice to  
model for students.
Visual game to  
Hear your voice
Can be
for DAF!  
Lite vers. FREE
Voice-controlled games
to encourage vocaliz'n
or prod
uction of 23 snds,
control volume. $4.99
4-part program for
informal assessmt,

stress, intonation, &
**These apps are available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some of their apps are free, and some require
a membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand digital activities.
Delayed aud feedback.
Can use wired/bluetooth
headset with this.
On-line fluency eval.
Calculates dysflu and
categorizes as reps,
prolong'n, or block. 4.99
Learn the truth/dispell
the myths about
stuttering. For Ss,
teachers, parents.
2-in-1 app - DAF and
fluency exercises for
SLP to use with the
client.   FREE
Text-to-sp generator.
94 voices, 37 different
languages. FREE
Visual support for vol
control. W or w/o
timer. Bluetooth OK
Highly rated as accurate.
Read/save vol level,
location, spec. analysis.
Share data.  2.99
3 slower tempos in
FREE lite vers., 3 faster
ones avail for 1.99
Simple aud/vis display
that you can control.
Clear, colorful visual
feedback for live pitch
level. Does not record.