Voice/Fluency Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Probably not accurate
dB levels without mic,  
but great visual for
working on voice/
volume control.
Customizable metro-
nome with multi-
sensory display.
Combines a pitch
detector with a
metronome. Very
Provides visual  
analysis of speech
production. Record,
compare to 400 words
in list.
Multiple video
lessons from a NY
vocal coach, some
appropriate for TX.
Displays visual for
volume and frequency
of recorded voice.
Look under iPhone
apps, but iPads OK too
For use at home or
class to track # of dys-
fluencies, avoidance
behaviors, feelings,
Let's you keep fluency
data on up to 10
students. Will do the
math for you!
Take fluency data on a
student by tapping
each fluent/dysfluent
syllable - will figure
out your %.   
Rocket ship game for
vocal intensity. Keep
your rocket aloft by
sustaining a vowel
TinyTap app to learn
to self-monitor
correct use of ESV.
Adjust speed of your
recorded voice to  
model for students.
Visual game to  
Hear your voice
delayed. Try it for
Voice-controlled games
to encourage vocaliz'n
or production of 23
phonemes or  control
voice volume. $4.99