Note: The PowerPoint files are large and might
take a while to download.
This unit includes a 14-
page interactive book,
with a Suggested
Lessons page and
curriculum standards, as
well as a PowerPoint
designed to use with a
group or to be a stand-
alone learning center
activitiy (approx 3.5 min.
in length)

Posted 9/15/07
This unit includes a 19-
page interactive book
or   a PowerPoint,  with
comprehen. questions,
vocab. match activity,
picture cards that can
be  used for
or  sequencing, and
curriculum standards.
More advanced vocab
in   red in the text can be
used for work on using
context clues.

Posted 4/29/08
Coming Soon: Plastic and Glass
Well, okay, maybe not REAL soon!)