Online Activities
Free pre-made flipcharts for all
subjects areas and grades for
the Promethean ActivBoard.
Free pre-made SmartBoard
activities for all subject areas.
Look under ESOL, Lang. Arts,
and  Special Ed.
Free for 30 days, then you must
subscribe. (So much for the idea
of "sharing"!)Check out the
Early   Learning, ESL, and Speech
Therapy categories.
FREE games to play online for
early learning skills.
These are FREE interactive
games, songs, stories, etc. Just
have to register.
Free interactive games and
activities for language arts, the
arts, math and science, grades
PreK- 5.
Free activites for interactive
boards. Grades Prek-5.
Links directly to the interactive
literacy activities, all grades.
Note: ActivBoard is capable of
running many of the SmartBoard
activities. Save the Smart
Notebook files to your desktop,
open ActivInspire menu and
choose "Import Smart
NOTEBOOK" as an option.
Templates, downloadables, and
interactive online activities, for
all subjects and grade levels.
Free lessons and templates, lots
of links to other resources.
Thinks links you directly to the
Language Arts whiteboard
activities for SmartBoard or
Smart Notebook lessons for the
Fundations reading program
from  the Longwood Central
District, NY.
This links directly to the
language  arts games. Grades
Tons of ESOL materials, games,
and quizzes. Kdg - adult.
Lots of language games -
interactive and printable, as well
as game show PPT templates.
Lots of premade flipcharts for
ELA activities.
Two categories of flipcharts are
available here: Words Their Way,
and Graphic Organizers
This is a rubric for teachers to
use when designing your own
standards-based flipcharts.