Interactive book about Martin
Luther King, Jr.

Adapted by Tracy Glover
Posted 11/20/07
Theme unit based on book of
same name. Lots of fun stuff!
Also see the Winter Take Home
link for some other activities that
go with it.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/20/07
Theme unit for the book of the
same name by Jan Brett. See also
the Winter Take Home unit for
more activities.

Submitted by misc. authors
Updated 1/13/14
Interactive book, graphic
organizer, and game.

Submitted by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 11/20/07
Four different bingo boards with
winter pics.

Creator unknown
Posted 11/20/07
Activities and parent letter, from
our gals in Assistive Tech. Some
of these activites would go well
with The Mitten or Snowmen at
Night units. These are scanned
images rather than document
files, so they will take a minute to
download, and you will not be
able to edit them. This unit and 3
boxes of materials are available
for checkout from the CCSD AT

Submitted by Kay Heflin and
Helen Upshaw; Posted 11/20/07
Theme unit with interactive book,
webbing activity, and winter
bingo game.

Created by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 11/20/07
This is a project to make gifts of
hot chocolate bags. Visual
instructions are included, as well
as printed gift tags.

Submitted by Rachael Burns
Posted 12/19/07
2008 Calendar of events for Black
History Month. In .pdf format -
takes a minute to download.

Posted 1/14/08
Ten-page book explaining
Presidents' Day.

Adapted by Tracy Glover
Posted 3/6/08
Powerpoint about winter things.

Submitted by Stephanie Reeves
Posted 2/4/09
Based on the story by Raymond
Briggs, this is a set of
sequencing pictures from the

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/4/09
This is a theme unit based on the
Scholastic book by Suzan Reid
and Eugenie Fernandes.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/22/11
Bear Snores On
CLICK HERE for Braidy lesson for
2nd grade inferencing skills
using the critical thinking
CLICK HERE for Powerpoint for
the lesson plan.
CLICK HERE for Memory cards

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/30/11
Powerpoint about snow.

Submitted by Allison Soncrant
Posted 2/11/12
Picture communication board to  
help students describe their
winter vacation.

Created by Allison Soncrant
Posted 7/3/13