This is a Powerpoint of many
different animals that can be
pets. Great pictures.

Submitted by Janine Lock
Posted 2/16/09
This is an 8-pg booklet that is
good for talking about zoo
animals or working on spatial
concepts / prepositions.

Submitted by Bonnie Bear
Posted 3/25/09
This is a PowerPoint of 8
different farm animals. Each
slide is a simple drawing with
single word. Very basic.

Submitted by Allison Soncrant
Posted 9/24/09
This PowerPoint incorporates
animal sounds. It targets spatial
concepts, answering "where"
questions, identifying farm
animals, and stating category

Created by Allison Soncrant
Posted 9/4/10
This is a 3x3 bingo board with
zoo  animals. Good for Prek, Kdg,
ESOL, Spec Ed.

Sumbitted by Kelly Gibson Stuart
Posted 2/9/11