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Easter Bunny
Dress Up -
several outfits
free. Age 4+
Hidden Objects-
Easter Egg Hunt
Free. Ages 12+
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Big News!
The new year brings some
nice additions to the TinyTap,
such as the ability to have
multiple answers to one
question using their new
Sound Board feature.
TinyTap is now the #1
educational app in 24+
Recently released ...
Set of 8 games
for aud or vis
mem, ages 2-6.
Part of a series
of "First
these cover
"my" and "your",
ages 3-4. "Me"
and "You",
ages 2-3, also
A new following
directions series
(Ages 4-5+):

Deep In The
is spatial/
positional direct.

is sequent'l/temp

Iffy Jiffy is intro
to conditional dir.
New seasonal
math activities
for Kdg:
Adding within 5
Subtracting w/in 5

Both play pages
in random order
each time.
Coming Soon...
A new series about tattling!
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creating tons of
different projects
with TinyTap
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TinyTap activities for the month
Apr 2 - H.C.Andersen's Bday
ebook of classic
story The Ugly
Apr 5 - Read a Road Map Day
Learn beginning
map skills to find
the treasure.
Ages 3-4+
Apr 8 - Zoo Lovers Day
animals by habitat,
Ages 3+
Apr 11 - Pet Day
Early science/soc
studies concepts
in this lesson
about  caring for
pets.  Ages 3+
Apr 12 - Teach Your
Children to Save Day
Basic intro to what
money is, where it
comes from.
Ages 5-6+
Apr 15 - ASL Day
Beat the timer
identifying the
letters of the ASL
alphabet. Ages 4+
Apr 21 - Easter
It's Not Easy Being
a Bunny - narrative
skills, using
because. Grade K-3
Apr 22 - Earth Day
Mother's Crying, 1:
interactive story
about the damage
we are doing to our
planet. Ages 4-5+

Mother's Crying, 2:
all about reducing,
reusing, recycling.

Talking Trash: Fun
game sorting the
Apr 27 -  Go Birding Day
Beat the timer
identifying these 25
birds often seen in
the southeastern
states. Ages 5+
Apr 28 - Super Hero Day
5-part series for
synonyms by word
category. Ages 5+
Monthly Themes
Combines vis
discrim & verbal
Ages 4+
Intro to what a
garden is, and
planting. Ages 3+
Intro to food plants
in fun puzzle form.
Ages 3+
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theme units, backgrounds and
layouts for TpT and TinyTap
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MzWeb's World
This is a collection
of 5 different
activity packs, one
for each of the WH
containing 12-18
pages each.
Also available in digital form in
the TinyTap marketplace - no print!
2 fun board games
my students loved!
Includes dice and
"speech bucks".
A month of activ.
for "The Boy Who
Cried Wolf", incl
narr'v skills, artic/
lang activities, sci,
math, art, and
social skills.
Gr K-3
42 pages of
sp/lang activities
for "The Paper
Bag Princess."
Take-away message from Dr.
Michio Kaku, ISTE 2017:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
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This site is a place where SLPs can share their lessons, materials,
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"What do we live for, if it is
not to make life less difficult
for each other?"  - George Eliot
Apr 1 - April Fool's Day
Apr 2 -
World Autism Day
       Hans Christian Andersen's Bday
       International Children's Book Day
Apr 4 - D.A.R.E Day
Apr 5 - Read a Road Map Day
Apr 6 - North Pole discovered in 1898
Apr 7 - Look for #SLPMustHaveSale TpT
National Library Week begins
Apr 8 - Zoo Lover's Day
Apr 9 - Equal Pay Day; Library Workers Day
Apr 10 - Encourage Young Writers Day
        National Sibling Day
Apr 11 - Pet Day
Apr 12 - Teach Your Children to Save Day
         Day of Silence
Apr 13 - Scrabble Day
Apr 14 - Palm Sunday
Apr 15 -
ASL Day; Income Tax Day;
        DaVinci's Bday
Apr 16 - Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
Apr 17 - Haiku Poetry Day
Apr 18 - World Heritage Day; Pet Owners Day
Apr 19 - Passover begins (sundown)
        Bicycle Day
Apr 20 - Volunteer Recognition Day
        Husband Appreciation Day
Apr 21 - Easter
Apr 22 - Earth Day
Apr 23 - Shakespeare's Bday
        English Language Day
Apr 24 - Admin. Professionals/Secretaries Day
Apr 25 - Thank You Thursday
        World Penguin Day
Apr 27 - Tell a Story Day
         Go Birding Day
Apr 28 - Super Hero Day; Pay It Forward Day
Apr 30 - National Honesty Day
Need some inspiration for lessons? Check
out all the special events happening this
month! Tie your therapy to the arts, history,
science, cooking projects, and celebrations
around the world...          
April is ...
Autism Awareness Month
Garden Month
Math Education Month
National Humor Month
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