About This Site
This website has been created by
Ellen Weber, Ed.S, CCC-SLP, retired
Speech-Language Pathologist for Cobb County School
District, Georgia, as part of a graduate thesis study for
Northwestern State University of Louisiana. May 2007.
Updates are posted at the end of the month.
                Copyright Policy
Please keep in mind that many of the materials that are
made use copyrighted software (like Boardmaker).
Please check the copyright restrictions for your
software before posting something that may be in

We give permission to download, print, modify or
use the material contained within this site for
educational purposes, and assume that  the authors
grant the same permission by posting their materials
on this site.

Please do not publish or sell any of these materials
without the written consent of the
original author. As this site is not
in the position to grant such
permission, please do not contact us
(unless, of course, it is one of mine).

... most school districts have their own copyright policy about
materials that are made by teachers in their district. Some
districts state that your materials belong to and are
copyrighted by the district. Check out your district's policy!
Divide and conquer! If we all share some of our materials,
everyone can save some time and sanity!  I am committed
to keeping this site ad-free, so please consider sharing
something of yours!
I have spent over 13 years curating resources that are free or inexpensive for SLPs to use, and have put them all together
into a website that is free to access, without having to "join", "subcribe", or even enter your email address. This site has no
commercial ads or sponsors, and is paid for entirely out of my own pocket. I get no compensation for anyone using this site
or clicking on any of the links. The cost of maintaining this website is funded entirely by any money that is generated by
my TinyTap and TpT materials in order to keep it a free service to you. So, yes, I do mention my materials that are for sale,
for your information only. You are not required to purchase any of them in order to access the resources on this site.